As Shorin Ryu began to branch further and further, and

other styles evolved from Itosu-sensei's karate. An attempt was made by one of Itosu-sensei's students to preserve his instructors teachings. Itosu-sensei's most loyal and dedicated student, Chosin Chibana-sensei, renamed the style Kobayshi-Ryu (Shorin Ryu) to indicate that he taught Itosu-sensei's original style. 

Yasutsune "Anko" Itosu-sensei, student of  Matsumura-sensei, is often credited as the most influential practitioner of Shorin Ryu. Itosu-sensei's accomplishments include the addition of all five Pinan Kata's, including the addition of Naihanchi Nidan and also Naihanchi Sandan. It is also believed that Itosu-sensei also split the original versions of Kusanku and Passai into there Sho and Dai modern day versions. 

Itosu-sensei was such an incredible instructor, that in 1903, he became the first martial artist to introduce karate-do into the public schools of Okinawa. His students include Gichin Funakoshi-sensei. It was not until the late 1800's that Funakoshi-Sensei termed the essence of Te as "Karate-Do" meaning, "The Way of the Empty Hand." Funakoshi-sensei later founded ShotoKan Karate. 

Yasutsune Ankoh Itosu